Faces and details. Bora Aksu AW 12-13

Bora Aksu AW12-13
London Fashion week day 1
 More photos and the article on Theupcoming soon.

Some faces and details from one of my favourite show so far.  
Give me collars and I'll be a happy woman.
I'm in love with the red-pink-jellow shirt, and the Lavender lips? Well, I need that lipstick in my life. 
As I always do, I tend to focus more on faces and little details as bottons, fabrics, shoes, than on the total look. Sorry, I can't avoid that!
Anyway, you can find "perfect"full body photos almost everywhere,  this is just my story.
Hope you like it.
(a lot more stories to come)


  1. The details are gorgeous, such an elegant collection <3