Lomo Love

 Lomo Lc-A Compact Wide, Diana F+

As you can see from my previous work I've been using films and Lomo cameras most of the time, having my beloved Mini-Diana always on my bag.
I love those cameras for so many reasons: easy to take everywhere, the plastic sounds of the winder, the old romantic feel, random contrast, they do everything cameras are not supposed to do (vignettes, edge blur...) but more that everything they let you have happy mistakes (which sometimes turn out as the most fascinating photo of the lot).
But when speaking about fashion reportage, like catwalks and street style, I must say that I found myself using my digital camera most of the time. 

That's why I'm so excited to tell you about my collaboration with Lomography.
 For this Fashion Week, in addiciton to my "digital-fast" equipment, I'll bring with me these two fabolous cameras (thanks to Lomography). 

I hope to capture the moments, the details, the faces of the fashion week and give you an unpredictable lo-fi fashion diary. 
Finger crossed.

(Sorry if I put too many photos but I got overexcited by the packaging and the books!)