Make up your life. Moschino C&C show.

This is the longest post ever, take a seat and enjoy it.

Chapter 1. A wonderful welcome. A glass of champagne right in the middle of the backstage.

Chapter 2. Lianne La Havas charming voice accompaying the rainbows of colours on stage.

Chapter 3. This is just a selection (I swear it is) of the pieces I liked more. Triple collars, pastel colours mixed with neon, retro feeling, vanity boxes and THAT jacket. I'm in love.
 Anyway no more words, this is my visual story:

 Moschino Cheap & Chic AW 12-13


  1. Uhllallà tripli colletti anche qua? Che siano un nuovo trend? Io li approvo in toto, chiaramente.

    Per il resto umh, a me Moschino C&C non piace quasi mai. troppi colori, troppe leziosità... Nah, non è proprio il mio genere :/

    (In compenso le tue foto mi piacciono sempre, fatti assumere da qualche rivistona presto che sarebbe bello anche vederle stampate ;P)

  2. Oh my GOSH all those sweaters, they're BEAUTIFUL! I am so in love with these pictures! And I love that first picture with the flowers! And I had never heard of Lianne La Havas, but she's gorgeous!

    EDIT: Oh my gosh I just YouTube'd her ("Age") and her voice is BEAUTIFUL and she's so cute!

    Jessica | Vixenelle