Fluo details

As I said before I'm not a big fan of fluo but I think these snaps can prove there is a way to use colours without falling into a colour blocking "overdose".

By the way, I wanna let you know that I'm trying to be more tech-savvy (no, I'm not stopping using my beloved film cameras) but I wanna focus more on the blog and its  "little friends".
 I know I'm not really good on it, so if you have any suggestions, ideas, tips to make my tech-life easier or any offence about my tech-ignorance feel free to say it, post a comment, send me an email or tweet me (you see, I said tweet).
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(Already tested)


  1. All the details are picture perfect! :) You're quite right, no overdose here! I need those yellow sole oxfords!

  2. Ecco, era proprio questo che ti dicevo, in piccole dosi mi piacciono anche i colori accesi. Piccole, piccole dosi.

    (uuh quella proenza rosa quant'è bellina? *O*)

  3. love these inspiring fotos :) thanks for sharing with us :>

  4. I agree, a fluro accent can work quite well. Just enough to brighten up a rainy day!